Fog Screen
Imagine being able to walk into a tunnel, cave or a forest; try making bubbles move with the wave of a hand; watch birds soar through the air or a plane fly through a canyon...It's all possible with FogScreens. As its name suggests, the screen is created with fog. The fog is made with ultrasonic waves and tap water—no chemicals. Continual airflow keeps the thin and alluring fog steady, so that any type of imagecompany logos, names, designs, custom-created graphics—can be projected onto it for lifelike visuals.

The ultimate in technology, FogScreens can be projected onto from both sides. Guests can walk toward it, viewing one image on the way in and then come out the other side to see a different message, and without getting wet. What they will feel is a cool, dry "breeze-like" sensation. Magical and sexy, the FogScreen is proving to be an unprecedented and powerful marketing tool as well as a dynamic focal point at special events, trade shows, conventions, fashion shows, and the like.

The one-meter sections can be used individually, or grouped together for larger visual impact. With FogScreens, the possibilities are endless! This award-winning technology has never before been available in South Florida! Now, DECO AV's partnership with FogScreen, Inc. puts the hottest décor trend and marketing tool in your own backyard.

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